Snowboarding Weekend I

Many of the guys who went on the NCSC ski trip during Reading Week were eager to join me for another trip to Blue Mountain; however, due to the prohibitive cost of snow sports — it can easily come up to about $100 a day for the lift ticket and rental alone — the number of interested people dwindled down quickly, and I had a gut feeling that the trip was not going to happen. Fortunately, I managed to convince Joseph and Weisiang to come along with a little help from our resident rich boy Howe, who agreed to cover the expenses for them first.

Once again, I was the designated driver since none of the guys was old enough to rent a car except me. A 5-door sedan wasn’t exactly the most comfortable car to accommodate 6 people, but a Ford Taurus was the largest car I could rent at a tender age of 23. We had to squeeze 3 guys at the front and Jay’s space-hogging snowboard barely fitted into the trunk, and it was quite an experience to drive with someone sitting shoulder to shoulder beside me; I had to keep reminding Joseph to avoid stepping on the accelerator, and perform acrobatic moves in order to check the mirrors which were blocked by 5 well-fed young men.

And to make our trip more exciting, Jay believed we could find our way to a remote ski resort by travelling along unmarked roads at night without a proper map; all we had was a free road map from Hertz that was pretty much useless since it tells us what we already know. As if driving an unfamiliar car on unfamiliar roads in the middle of the night was not stressful enough, I was not prepared to get lost and spend my weekend sitting in a fast food restaurant at one of the highway rest points; and the only logical thing left to do was to print out the directions to Blue Mountain from its website.


The directions provided on the website were surprisingly accurate and we managed to find our way to Blue Mountain without much difficulty. Our suite at The Grand Georgian was a pleasant surprise: it was a one-bedroom suite complete with a full kitchen and 2 sofa beds, just perfect for 6 people. We had a really good deal considering the fact that we only paid about $180 per person for 2 nights’ accommodation plus unlimited skiing for the entire weekend.

After a few rounds of orange juice — I know this sounds pathetic, but LCBO was long closed by the time we reached Collingwood at midnight — and having some good laughs at the horny antics of a crazy Polish guy participating in The 5th Wheel, it was time to get some rest before we all enter a world of pain the next morning.

10 March 2004 · Sports

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