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Ray is a man of contrast. A realist by nature, he is also quite a dreamer by normal standards. He never fails to amuse colleagues and friends alike with his quirky ideas, although he usually gets the job done the most conventional way thinkable. He loves to travel, but he is just as happy to laze around at home doing absolute nothing for three months. And the list goes on.

For those who prefer facts, Ray enjoys music, but it's his love for trance and rave that separates him from the common audiophiles. Surprisingly, his favourite artiste is Brazilian bossa nova musician Antonio Carlos Jobim. An avid reader who prefers non-fiction, his slow reading speed frustrates him. His favourite readings include home decor magazines and Ikea catalogues.

Travelling is one of his many passions. Supportive parents — both morally and financially — have allowed him to visit many parts of the world, including Australia, Cambodia, Canada, China, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Nepal, Peru, Spain, Taiwan, Thailand, US, UK and Vietnam. Ironically, he is struggling to find time to see the world now that he is a financially-independent working adult.


The Site

SG Watch is my personal site. The thoughts and opinions that I have expressed here are entirely my own. I try to attribute contents ripped from other places to their respective authors whenever possible. Similar, I deeply appreciate people to reciprocate the same way.

The entire site is powered by Movable Type. MT has a huge user base, and what this means is that if you need help in troubleshooting, it is highly likely someone out there has the same problem and a solution is available. This is invaluable even though the installation process can be daunting for novices, since you will need all the help you can get when you first venture into the world of cyberspace.

All templates used are painstakingly hand-coded; hence I will be very upset if anyone copied them in their entirety. But reverse engineering can be a very useful learning method; do feel free to look at my codes. I welcome all comments and am more than happy to help if you have questions. We are all learning.

SG Watch has been tested on Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox, so the layout should render correctly in these two browser platforms. Every page should also validate properly as XHTML 1.0 Transitional. The reason why the site isn’t coded in XHTML 1.0 Strict? I’m lazy.

The background image is adapted from a pixel pattern created by Kristoffer Forsgren.


It was only two months after I launched my first website, Fanaticism, that I decided that it was time to get paid hosting; free hosting services were simply not robust enough to support a database-driven CMS. I decided to sign up with ICDSoft after an extensive search, and have not looked back since.

SG Watch is hosted by ICDSoft for nearly three years and counting, and I am very happy with the service I am receiving. Downtime is near zero, and responses from the support team are amazingly quick — all my issues were resolved within 30 minutes.

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