Power of the Dark Chocolate Side

The last session of our Career Management Course was held today at the Faculty Club, where we learnt about business etiquette over a three-course luncheon. The attire was business formal; and as usual, I was the most underdressed person in the dining room even with my best shirt on. I doubt I can get away with sloppy dress code much longer, and it’s especially ill-advised for me to continue with my anti-establishment attitude if I want to land a summer job. Perhaps I should start shopping for a decent suit soon.

This was the second time I attended a business etiquette workshop, and it was definitely a very different learning experience when you’re eating real food with real utensils, instead of trying to visualise the scenario while the presenter flashes her transparencies on the projector.

Even though the presenter said that food should be the last thing on our minds at business functions, I wondered how many people were actually paying attention to the presenter. To eat European style without catapulting my lasagne onto the guy next to me was a challenge by itself; the fact that it was the best lasagne I had distracted me even more.

People at my table tried to engage in small talks to break the ice, but we all gave up attempts to hide our disinterest towards one another when desserts were served. The real issue on hand was not about learning business etiquette, but how to tackle that strawberry-filled chocolate ice cream in front of us.

I mean, who can resist the power of the dark chocolate side?

05 February 2004 · My Life

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