Perfecting the Art of Slacking

Reading Week, our equivalent of a spring break, begins next Monday. It might seem weird to have a one-week break during February, the coldest month of the year; however, as spring doesn’t arrive in Toronto until May, it would’ve been even weirder if we were to have a real spring break right before our three-month summer break.

By a stroke of luck, Reading Week starts tomorrow for me. My business law class has been cancelled after we had our midterm yesterday, and my career management course has officially ended with the business etiquette workshop we attended last week.

I’ll be going to Blue Mountain for skiing next Friday; we only need to pay $20 for the trip since NCSC is subsidising us and it’ll be a waste not to go. Besides that, I don’t plan to do much during Reading Week except maybe go for a movie marathon with Jay and learn rock climbing with Howe and Nick. Ray is attempting to perfect the art of slacking over the next 12 days.

No calls please, I’m busy slacking.

11 February 2004 · My Life

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