Studying Overseas

I’m still suffering from jet lag, which explains why I’m up at five in the morning. Even though I’m a seasoned air traveller now, it still takes me three days before I can adjust to the 12-hour time difference. Perhaps it’s not such a good idea returning to Toronto a day before school starts.

Studying overseas is definitely a good experience, but sometimes I wonder whether it’s really for me. I didn’t plan to study overseas initially; my father asked me to study architecture in Glasgow when I was 16, but I didn’t want to go. I just couldn’t bear leaving my family and friends.

How I wish I could stay young forever and not worry about the uncertain future ahead. But change is the only constant; and time waits for no one. Do what is right and not what you like, they say. So here I am, alone in Toronto doing the right thing.

I probably made the right decision to study overseas, but I would definitely be happier studying back home. Doing the right thing is so hard sometimes.

08 September 2003 · My Life

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