Dinga Awakes


Dinga is finally out of the box and back into my life. I received Dinga as a birthday present last October and it has been my room mate since then. Dinga has a friend called Pooko, which we bought as birthday present for Jay. You can find out more about Dinga and Pooko here.

When I started unpacking my boxes, I realised that there wasn’t enough storage space in my room. Desperate times call for desperate measures; I decided to fashion shelves out of cardboard boxes to store my books and clothes. It actually looked better than the old dresser I used to have, although I have to be careful not to overload the upper shelves; it’s made of cardboard after all.

Watching Dinga sits cheerfully on my bed, I finally feel at home in Toronto. It’s time to focus on the real challenges.

11 September 2003 · My Life

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