Fall Colours


The weather was beautiful today; whenever the sun is out and the temperature is right, I’ll always take a stroll along the nice little path behind Trinity College to Chapters.

Visiting the bookstore is a hobby I picked up when I was in Secondary One. Brash Basah Complex was my favourite place to hang out when I was in secondary school, and I would spend the whole day there reading Chinese novels and comic books.

Borders became my favourite bookstore after it opened in 1997. Its massive selection of open magazines impressed me; gone were the days when all the best magazines were shrink-wrapped. I would spend my free time flipping through them, ogling at all the super cars and latest gadgets.


I decided to bring along my camera to snap some shots and capture the fall colours before winter comes, and I was surprised by how much beauty there is around me. I pass by these flowers everyday, barely noticing them. But there they are, blooming in their full brilliance.

The flowers taught me an important lesson about life. Everybody will die someday, just like the flowers will wither when winter comes. But the prospect of death is not what makes our lives meaningful.

We should strive to leave our footprints in the history of mankind. We might not become the greatest leaders of all-time, or the richest men in history. But remember this: the choices you make in life make you.

Watching the flowers sway gently in the wind, I could hear John Keating (Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society) whispering to me:

Carpe Diem, lads! Seize the day. Make your lives extraordinary!

28 September 2003 · My Life

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