Career Information Day

The career fair at University College yesterday was disappointing. After going for a seminar on how to maximise my results at the fair, I was so hyped up to do some networking and hopefully get a summer internship. I re-edited and reprinted my resume until Jay’s printer ran out of ink; and I didn’t even manage to hand out a single resume at the fair. Looking on the bright side, I did get a chance to practice my 30-second introduction speech to the exhibitors and learn more about jobs in the financial sector.

Something must be done to my sweaty palms. I don’t wish to go for surgery to fix it, but this irritating problem is cramming my style. All the smooth talking and knowledgeable answers wouldn’t matter in an interview after a wet handshake.

Perhaps I should worry more about getting an interview first.

24 September 2003 · My Life

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