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Barely two months into using Mozilla and it starts to act up. Loading is very slow, and the browser freezes frequently for reasons unknown to me; the last straw came when popup windows are displayed at the wrong size. It’s time for me to move on.


I don’t plan to revert back to IE having escaping Microsoft’s evil clutches and tasted the freedom of open-source software; and fearing that I’ll face the same problems even if I upgrade to Mozilla 1.6, I’ve decided to try out the new Mozilla Firefox after reading rave reviews about it.

The look and feel of Firefox is essentially the same as Mozilla, which is not surprising since they’re both created by the same developers. However, I’m having a small irritating problem with the new browser: the icon for my image files has been changed to Firefox’s icon, and Mozilla’s icon — which used to be the icon for my HTML files — refuses to go away even after I uninstalled Mozilla; I’ve tried tweaking the folder options but to no avail. Looking on the bright side, the logo designed by Jon Hicks is quite eye-pleasing.

Although I still think the real firefox is much cuter.

28 February 2004 · Technology

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