Iced Tea Served Hot

Ray and friends went to Snoopy Place for dinner after attending Sheryln’s commencement. It was a happy occasion for all. Both Lye Heng and Sheryln have already found work after graduation; I was delighted to meet my friends after another year in Toronto; and Hanwen was just happy to get a free treat from Sheryln.


We headed down to Coffee Club for dessert and our waitress made us bursting with laughter when she asked Hanwen if he wants his Iced Berry Tea to be served hot or cold.

That reminded me of another hilarious incident three years ago. Avin ordered a Large Cookie (that’s the actual name of the item) and since there are two flavours to choose from, the waitress asked him how would he like his cookie. He answered, “Large!” and emphasised the size with his hands.

Life is never boring with Avin around.

19 July 2003 · My Life

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