Prevention is Better than Cure

I was surfing through SG Watch two days ago and I realized there was a glitch in my layout. It wasn’t exactly the end of the world, but it was definitely something to be remedied.

Apparently there was a slight error with my side panel. I would usually do a lot of testing on my coding to see if there are any bugs to be fixed, so I was quite surprised that I had missed this mistake for such a long time. Only after running several tests did I realize it was not a glitch; rather, a failure on my part to plan for the future.

To avoid the problem of content exceeding the background image, which is used to create the drop shadow effect, I had painstakingly coded in such a way that separates the background image into several components, allowing the sides to replicate as the text length increases.

However, I made the fatal mistake by opting to use a huge background image, which will automatically resize whenever the content changes, instead of the component method. I assumed that the side panel would have relatively less content, which would not exceed a predetermined size. Of course, my archives grew over time and soon the fixed background image can no longer hold back the tide of gibberish I wrote on SG Watch.

Normally this would be a simple exercise of changing a few lines of codes and slight adjustment of the background image, but I am feeling a little rusty having not touched my web templates for almost a year now. To make matters worse, I lost my original image files and had to recreate them again. It took me nearly two hours to make this minor correction.

Looking on the bright side, all is now well in my little cyber empire.

22 April 2006 · Site

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