Leaving Toronto

I have four more days to my convocation — and to unemployment. Frankly, I’m not that worried about being unemployed, although the thought of a 25-year-old bumming around at home does bother me sometimes. No matter, I’m still in a state of depression about leaving Toronto.

Although I can’t exactly say that I’ve grown to like Toronto, I’m certainly getting used to it. The freezing winters are always a challenge, but I guess I handle subzero temperatures pretty well for a guy coming from a tropical island.

More important than the city itself, I will definitely miss my friends. In fact, I feel sadder leaving Toronto now than when I first left Singapore four years ago; not because I treasure some friends more than others — I value every friendship — but I know deep in my heart that I would never see some of my friends in Toronto ever again. It is highly unlikely that either any of my friends or I will take an exhausting 24-hour flight to visit one another. Furthermore, most of my friends aren’t from Toronto, and will probably head home after graduation like me; there’ll be no reason for me to visit Toronto five years from now when all my friends have graduated, perhaps only for business purposes.

Friends come and go, but I always find it hard to let go.

11 June 2005 · My Life

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