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After being cramped in an uncomfortable position on a plane for four hours, the last thing I wanted was to find my email inbox flooded with spam when I turn on my laptop — 387 spam messages to be exact.


Tired fingers from hitting the delete button aside, one of my main concerns regarding spam is that I might delete important emails accidentally. Alternatively, I can subscribe to a spam control option from my ISP, or install similar software on my laptop myself; but this may mean genuine emails going straight into the junk folder. A more likely explanation for my persistence in using the low-tech mouse clicking method to deal with the growing spam problem however, is that I’m just too stingy to pay a monthly subscription fee and too lazy to learn how to use a new software.

I’ve been using Microsoft Outlook as my default mail client for years now, but have recently replaced it with Mozilla Thunderbird. Thunderbird is touted to be much better than other mail clients and its junk mail controls — which is not available in Outlook — is one of the main reasons I made the switch. I’ve yet to figure out how to use it, but I’m sure it’ll come in very handy when I do.

And of course, the beautiful icon designed by Jon Hicks (the same guy who created the logo for Firefox) also helped convince me to make the switch from Outlook to Thunderbird.

04 June 2004 · Technology

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