Fire Alarm

I was roused from my deep slumber by a loud beeping sound early this morning. In my grogginess I took a while before realising it was the fire alarm. I was contemplating whether if I should walk down 14 flights of stairs in my shorts, and wait in the bitter morning cold for the fire truck to arrive; or to hide beneath my blanket and let the fast spreading fire provide me with the much needed warmth.

Then I remembered Angela telling us that we have a faulty fire alarm system in our building, and it sometimes goes off for no apparent reason. The designers are foresighted enough to install a button for stopping that irritating noise, conveniently located in every apartment. I gladly put the button to good use, but the alarm went off another four times before it finally stopped.

But the question remains. What’s the point of having the best fire alarm system in the world, when it can be turned off with the push of a button by somebody unaware of the real situation?

18 May 2004 · My Life

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