The Wrath of the Computer God

We must’ve done something which displeased the computer god, since many of us suffered his wrath last week. Brent’s internet connection went down because he unknowingly installed a massive numbers of spy wares; Jay’s computer kept restarting due to faulty RAM modules; Steve’s laptop battery died under mysterious conditions; and I accidentally deleted my entire music and video collections while attempting to reformat my hard disk.

I didn’t know whether to pound my laptop in anger or breathe a sigh of relief when I realised all the important files, which include my treasured photo archive, stayed intact. It must be a sign telling me to quit slacking and start doing some real work, I’ll take the sign seriously for the next few weeks; before I rebuild my entertainment archives and revert back to the ultimate slacker I truly am.

There are some technical glitches that need to be fixed whenever I reinstall Windows XP on my ancient Toshiba laptop, as it was originally designed for Windows 2000 and Windows ME; and I had to reformat my hard disk 5 times to get my laptop to work, mainly because I forgot how I fixed those pesky glitches when I upgraded my OS to Windows XP 8 months ago. Despite having to endure the 3 days of frustration that comes with every reinstallation, my experience with Windows XP is much better than with Windows ME, which was preinstalled on my laptop.

At least I don’t get the infamous Blue Screen of Death anymore.

14 January 2004 · Technology

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