Scary Weather


Any doubts about my ability to attract bad weathers were removed this morning. Last night was one of the few nights I slept with my curtains open, and I was greeted by a blanket of snow outside my window in the morning. With the winds gusting to 70 km/h, the weather outside looked really scary.

My macroeconomics midterm was scheduled at 10am this morning and understandably I was hoping that classes would be cancelled today, especially after I spent the weekend watching Enterprise instead of revising for my test. Alas, all my prayers went unanswered and I began trekking across the snowy landscape to meet my destiny.


The test was a disaster, which only left me wondering if I should’ve studied harder. It was hard not to feel guilty the first few times; but like everything else, you get used to it with enough practice. I soon found myself in front of my laptop watching yet another episode of Enterprise.

As usual, the administration lived up to its reputation of being slow and inefficient by announcing belatedly that all classes after 5pm today would be cancelled, not that the announcement made much of a difference to most students. Everyone is hoping that classes will be cancelled tomorrow too, and we’ll find out at 7am tomorrow morning.

Bad weathers aren’t all bad news after all.

27 January 2004 · My Life

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