Lori to the Rescue

My grades for last term were released last week, and I was disappointed that I only got 79% for my OB course. I’ve worked hard for this course and missing A- by only 1% just added salt to the wound.

Jay suggested that I ask Lori for an extra 1%, but I reasoned that if she wanted to, she would’ve done it before the grades are released; in fact, Lori later explained to me through email that she was under a great deal of pressure from the administration because her class average was high, and was instructed not to change any grade unless there was a significant arithmetic calculation error.

U of T has a policy of limiting the number of students getting an A in any course to 25%. This is to prevent lecturers from raising their course averages to obtain favourable teaching evaluations, but it nonetheless penalises good students in a smart class. Our final exam papers are never returned to us, making it easier for the administration to manipulate our grades in order to comply with this policy.

It was by chance that I found out the marks for my final exam and realised my raw score for the course was 79.7%, which the administration rounded down instead of up. I decided to ask Lori to recommend somebody in the administration I can talk to; I knew my chances were slim, but I couldn’t sit back and let those slimy bureaucrats rob me of my well-deserved grade.

A day after sending an email to Lori, I received this reply from her:

Ray, you are in luck! I talked them into raising your mark to 80. The form is to go in today, and may take a couple of days to show up. Let me know if there’s a problem.

Indeed, I’m very lucky to have such a great professor.

21 January 2004 · My Life

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