A Long Day Awaits

Wan and Ray are known as the Natural Disasters after our Indochina trip because of our insatiable appetite for food; and lately, our nickname seems to have taken its meaning literally. While we didn’t cause hurricanes or earthquakes during our recent trip, our arrival in a new city always signals days of heavy rain or snow to come.

Everyone on the plane was surprised to see Toronto completely snow-free as we landed at Pearson Airport; however, it started snowing the minute I enter downtown Toronto and we’re expecting 10 to 15 centimetres of snow by tomorrow morning. It suddenly occurred to me that I must’ve been responsible for all the bad weathers we encountered during our trip; not a good sign for a guy who dislikes any form of precipitation.

My timetable for the coming semester was totally screwed up since I didn’t realise 2 of my courses have time conflict. While I managed to work it out after some frantic last-minute rescheduling, I’m going to have 7 hours of lectures on Mondays. My experiences with long days are not great; I’ll always doze off in class and end up doing badly in the tests. Since it is common for students to drop courses they find difficult during the first week of school, hopefully I’ll be able to switch to a class that’s scheduled at a more favourable time.

School starts in 8 hours' time and a long day awaits; time to grab some sleep.

05 January 2004 · My Life

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