Leaving On a Jet Plane

Strangely, I actually felt happier the night before my last paper than after I’m done with all my exams; I was probably too tired to jump for joy after spending the entire night before our OB exam typing out my cheat sheet, which turned out to be quite useless since most of the questions tested on concept application rather than regurgitation of definitions.

Everyone is supposed to move out of residence by 5pm today. I decided to stay for as long as I can; Todd is kind enough to put me up at his apartment for the next two days before I fly to Vancouver, and I don’t wish to trouble him more than necessary. However, I must leave before noon tomorrow since the porter will be locking up the building. Now it’s a game of cat and mouse with my don Mike, hoping he doesn’t catch me while I go about my daily business.

Wan and I will be going on a two-week trip together this Christmas break. We’ll start in Vancouver and celebrate Christmas there; travel down Seattle and Portland, stopping by Eugene, Oregon so he can take a picture of the town which shares the same name as him; and end our journey in San Francisco where we’ll countdown to the start of a new year.

I’ll try to update SG Watch while I’m on the road, so keep a lookout for new postings on our latest adventures. Here I would like to wish everyone a merry Christmas!

19 December 2003 · My Life

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