Shopping Trip to Eaton Centre

It’s a clear indication that Ray leads a boring life when a trip to Eaton Centre, the largest shopping mall in downtown Toronto, was the most exciting activity I did this week. Both Brent and Jay wanted to get new shoes before winter arrives, and I tagged along to do some shopping myself.

Our first stop was Dragon City in Chinatown. Hui’s Pharmacy is probably the only store in downtown Toronto that sells Sebamed body wash, and Sebamed is probably the only body wash that’s suitable for my sensitive skin. Although its price is much higher than other brands (about $50 per litre), one litre can usually last about 18 months for everyday use. I would definitely recommend anyone with sensitive skin to use Sebamed.


After visiting 12 stores and trying out nearly as many pairs, Brent decided on a pair from Sketchers while Jay bought a pair from Diesel. It’s interesting how both of them started out with an $80 budget, but ended up buying shoes that cost over $120; and these shoes, which are supposed to protect them from Toronto’s harsh winter, look more like club wear that wouldn’t survive a misstep into three inches of snow. Apparently style is more important than money or functionality.

It was a happy day for all: I managed to check all the items off my shopping list; while Brent and Jay were sure that fellow clubbers would be impressed with their new shoes, under those dim lighting conditions where you can hardly make out faces of people.

The reality is harsh; I am getting old.

20 November 2003 · My Life

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