Friday Five IV

This week’s Friday Five:

  1. Do you watch sports? If so, which ones?

    I watch NBA and EPL, although I seldom watch them in Canada because I don’t have a TV in my room. Having some soccer knowledge is useful because it’s a great topic to strike up a conversation with guys; unless you’re in Canada where everyone talks about ice hockey.

  2. What/who are your favorite sports teams and/or favorite athletes?

    Arsenal is my favourite soccer team in EPL, but the team will have to win the Champions League to prove that it’s among the elites. My favourite NBA players are Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and John Stockton. Bird played very well for a guy who can’t run fast or jump high, and I admire Stockton for his intelligence and consistency. Jordan is Jordan; except his last 2 seasons with Washington Wizards.

  3. Are there any sports you hate?

    I don’t hate any sport. Rather, there are many sports I don’t understand. I can’t understand why players are allowed to throw punches at one another during a match (ice hockey), or the joy in scrubbing ice (curling), or men who choose to spend the entire weekend away from family pursuing an expensive sport (golf).

  4. Have you ever been to a sports event?

    I’ve been to several soccer matches back in Singapore, the first being an exhibition match between Singapore national team and Nottingham Forest. I’ve also seen Toronto Raptors play at ACC, and they suck big-time. Baseball is fun, but so boring to watch that Shawn and I have decided once is enough.

  5. Do/did you play any sports (in school or other)? How long did you play?

    I’m not the athletic type, but I enjoy playing all kinds of sports. Basketball and badminton are 2 sports I still play regularly.

10 October 2003 · My Life

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